About me

I became interested in Nordic Walking after an injury to my knee meant that I had to stop running.  Previously I had competed in triathlons, including two Ironman distance events, but following my injury, my fitness started to decline steadily.  I was looking for an activity that would keep me physically active, whilst allowing for the restrictions that the injury to my knee placed upon me.  Nordic Walking met those needs perfectly and I decided to qualify as an instructor so that I could share my knowledge and enjoyment with others.  I enjoy the outdoors and particularly the opportunity to take advantage of the many benefits that outdoor activity can bring.

I am an accredited Master Instructor with both British Nordic Walking and the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA).  I am also a qualified personal trainer, advanced physical training instructor, exercise referral instructor and I have previously delivered courses for the School of Sport Exercise and Health Sciences based at Loughborough University.  I have a background in writing exercise programmes for children with special educational needs and complex medical conditions and I am qualified to teach Nordic Walking and other forms of exercise to those who may be turned away by other instructors due to certain medical conditions.  I have extensive experience in teaching Nordic Walking to people with Parkinson's disease and other neuromuscular conditions.