Courses and Walks

All courses are taught in accordance with the approved technique and guidelines issued by the International Nordic Walking Federation (INWA) and British Nordic Walking, the UK representative member of INWA.
Taster Sessions
A 45 minute introductory session to Nordic Walking. Ideal for anyone interested in learning to Nordic Walk but uncertain if it is for them. These sessions are free.
Nordic Walking Lessons
Learn to Nordic Walk over a course of lessons. There is no set number of lessons.  The number of lessons will depend upon the individual's ability to learn the techniques involved and the level of competence they wish to attain.  Each lesson is a minimum of one hour in duration and takes the participant from complete novice to a competent walker who can participate in other organised walks. Lessons are generally on a one to one basis unless otherwise arranged.

Nordic Walking Lessons for Health Management
These classes are particularly for individuals with certain long term medical conditions such as Parkinson's disease where posture, stability and mobility are a problem. Nordic Walking can help in the management of these long term medical conditions.  These are one to one lessons for the individual and their partner/supporter/carer.

A variety of organised walks are available.  A schedule of walks is published weekly.  Additional walks can be arranged upon request.  

The average pace is based upon walking continuously for 60 minutes at a particular speed on level ground
Easy Pace: Average pace 2.0 to 2.5 mph.  Ideal for anyone who has just started learning to Nordic Walk, for anyone who is returning to physical activity after a break or might have minor health or mobility issues.
Moderate Pace: Average pace 3.0 to 3.5mph. A more energetic walk at a quicker pace. ideal for those looking to improve on their fitness or technique. 
Energetic Pace:  Average pace 3.5 to 4.0mph plus.  These walks are for people who are looking for something more challenging.  Essentially maintaining a sustained fast pace regardless of terrain.  Particularly useful for those who are seeking to achieve specific goals such as training for competition and want to use Nordic Walking as a cross training alternative.
Longer walks:  Longer walks are available from time to time subject to demand.  Please email for details.

If you are unsure as to which walk is suited to your ability then it is advisable to begin with a slower walk and work up.

Booking is essential to ensure that poles are available. For further information about walks and lessons with details of times, venues and costs please contact me at or on 07545775587

The schedule of walks is available on our Facebook page.